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Summit Consulting is one of the region’s top consultancies with our reach stemming as far as the United Arab Emirates. We are the leading provider of Forensics, Advisory and Security solutions in the region offering world-class solutions through digital and partnership channels to top 2,000 taxpayers, NGOs, Affiliate groups, and MDAs. We develop business intelligence solutions that drive data-driven decision making and help Executive Committees, Board Members and other professions including policymakers and corporate entities to make decisions based on data, not hearsay.

We provide organizational Toolkits and Educative Workshops to stop revenue leakages, sell more, raise employee morale and transform your organization by helping you identify and remove the corporate ‘fat’. Corporate fat like lack of staff morale, bloated payroll, frauds and poor strategy execution lead to inefficiency and stagnating growth. Established in 2007, we are one of the oldest local consulting firms with a regional clientele base. We are compliant with all laws and regulations and are a trusted advisor to some of the top clients in the region including MTN, Government of Uganda and Stanbic bank among others. All our solutions revolve around a simple idea: improving the client’s condition. When you join Summit Consulting Ltd team, your career with the transform in ways you never knew even possible by offering your lots of growth opportunities for lifetime fulfilment.

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