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Business Development, Partnerships & Sales Officer (Level III)

Posted 1 year ago by Summit Consulting Limited
Summit Consulting Limited
700,000/= per month
Application ends: December 15, 2022
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  • Offered Salary
    700,000/= per month
  • Experience
    2 Year
  • Gender
  • Industry
    Development, Finance
  • Qualification
    Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree
  • Career Level
    Officer, Executive

Job Description

The Professional will work closely with the summit Manager to develop and implement Business to Business(B2B) marketing strategies with our existing clientele and to new untapped markets through strategic partnerships with interest groups and associations, developing leading business proposals with an excellent turnaround time to Request for Proposals, pitching business intelligence unit’s premium products and services to leading market executives and professionals and maintaining fruitful strategic relationships with our existing clientele.

The role requires professionals who are socially adept, exhibit commendable eloquence and can communicate with professionals of the high esteem in the most professional yet conclusive manner.  The professional should also understand the marketing niche of Summit Consulting Limited and have in-depth knowledge of the products and services being provided especially those in summitBI-Unit, to be able to persuade new leads in adopting our top-notch business solutions and attract existing clientele to take up other problem-solving solutions.

Also, strong digital presence on social media platforms especially LinkedIn, and Facebook will be an added advantage for most of our clientele is digitally adept. This is a premium job as it offers high-growth career prospects in business development. As a consultant, you will work at different clients and this will give you lots of exposure to challenging scenarios and offer opportunities for intellectual and career growth in our business intelligence unit


1. Identifying new markets and transforming leads into sales through;

  1. Attending conferences of strategic partners, associations, meetings of strategic importance and industry events to pitch summit Business Intelligence Products and Services, identify new leads and potential opportunities Summit Consulting has not ventured in.
  2. Researching about the needs of the top 2,000 taxpayers, learning and acquiring the details of important decision-makers in those channels.
  3. Contacting clients in Summit Consulting’s existing clientele database via e-mail, and/or phone to establish rapport and set up meetings and demos for summit Business Intelligence products and services.
  4. Researching about organisations and individuals online to identify their weaknesses, needs and expand on the existing market.
  5. Planning and overseeing all marketing activity in summit Business Intelligence Unit
  6. Working with summit E-Commerce team to ensure summitBI site is up to date with upcoming training, all summit Business Intelligence solutions with adequate content, and to drive traffic to the website through sharing on social media sites like LinkedIn daily.

2. Developing strategic partnerships and customer relationships through;

  1. Developing strong partnership proposals and negotiating with strategic partners of Summit Consulting like ICPAU, IIA, and other associations to expound on the reach of summitBI solutions and increase the market share.
  2. Sharing newsletters generated by Summit Business Intelligence on emerging solutions in data-driven decision making with existing clientele to maintain a strong relationship with on-going and previous clients.
  3. Developing questionnaires and generating feedback from existing, potential and new leads assessing the needs of their organisations frequently.

3. Pitching Summit Business Intelligence Products and/or Services to clients, organisations and other markets;

  1. Developing compelling Powerpoint presentations, brochures on summit Business solutions and training, building posters and sales displays for e-mail, conferences and client visits_generating a full marketing kit.
  2. Contacting existing clientele to inform them of upcoming, new developments and cutting-edge solutions on Summit Business Intelligence solutions and Training.
  3. Developing quotes and proposals in response to a request for quote and response for proposal in the shortest turnaround time possible.
  4. Negotiating, and renegotiating with clients and potential leads by e-mail, phone and in-person where need be to ensure you close as many deals as you can on consultancy and training projects of summit Business Intelligence solutions and training.
  5. Recruiting and/or outsourcing marketing of different events, solutions and training to the most efficient team so as to ensure monthly marketing targets are met.

3. Preparing, Organising and Coordinating Monthly Business Intelligence Training both at the Institute of Forensics and ICT Security and In-house (at the clients’ preferred location)

  1. Generate an annual training calendar merged with the entire summitAdvisory departmental calendar. Share this calendar with all existing, and potential leads and advise them accordingly.
  2. Ensure the required target number of projects is achieved within the specified period of achievement and all clients are satisfied with the training by acquiring their testimonials both written and recorded.
  3. Organise the venue and premises of the planned training and conference events by ensuring all training material, refreshments and coverage satisfy the clientele.
  4. Follow-up on local purchase orders before training, Invoices after training and corresponding payments.

4. Acquiring testimonials from new, and previous clients whose testimonials are yet to be acquired. Also, end of project assessments to ensure the client is satisfied.

5. Be able to assist in any other business development project in the company especially in upcoming conferences and events.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

The Business Development Professional must at minimum have;

  1. First or Second-Class Upper degree in marketing, journalism, social science, business or in a relevant field with strong understanding in Business to Business Sales and negotiation. A strong track record in B2B is an added advantage.
  2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and is able to pitch a product or service in a conference room of executives and top professionals.
  3. Good Proposal development skills. The professional must have adequate knowledge and skills in developing professional business proposals.
  4. Strong researching appetite especially in understanding the subject matter, that is business intelligence products and services and expound on the opportunities being tapped to extend the existing market base.
  5. Computer literacy especially in using Microsoft Office tools like Word for Proposal writing and PowerPoint for Presentation and pitching to clientele.
  6. Experienced in working with social media platforms like LinkedIn to spread Corporate awareness, convert leads and strengthen strategic relationships for Summit Consulting.
  7. Highly flexible, innovative, a team player, with good communication, feedback, and interpersonal and supervisory skills and able to work with a multi-cultural team within the organization.
  8. Very good work ethic and respects colleagues especially able to work under tight timelines for client project delivery.