Tips for winning at job interviews

June 15, 2020 0 Comments

Today’s employers are smart. They are looking for people with skills that can be applied immediately on the job. One of the biggest costs to companies is the learning curve costs – whereby the new staff spends a lot of time trying to learn about the new organization, while they are being paid.

To get a job, start with scanning for the target organization. You do NOT need to first wait for an advertisement. In any company, management is always on the lookout for that exceptional talent. All you have to do is to be visible and prepare.

Today, employers and HR practitioners are using competency-based recruitment tools. If you are to win, you must understand the following.

  1. How the competency-based interviews are conducted
  2. What are the key competencies for the available positions
  3. Who are the interviewers and what are they looking for?
  4. What are the competence-based behaviour questions likely to be asked. Prepare for them in advance
  5. Update your CV to meet the expectations of the job. Have good examples in your work experience or life to demonstrate and prove your competence. If you were once a prefect at school, make sure you add it to your cv.
  6. Be your best. Put on your best suit. Be confident and face the panel.
  7. Read a lot about the organization. There is nothing as bad as a candidate who knows nothing about the organization or company interviewing them
  8. Have a file of case studies and ideas to make your case great.
  9. Be ready for any challenge. Almost all aptitude questions are online. Use google and try answering several questions. The practice is the sure way to defeat a giant
  10. Understand how a typical competency-based interview
  11. Learn from other interviewees.
  12. Always follow up. Thank the company. And offer to volunteer on the lower role. Many companies are just too worried about spending money on the wrong candidate. If you offer to volunteer, you could get a chance. The recruited candidate may fail to deliver.

In the next blog article, we explore what competency-based interviews are all about.   

Remember, never show that you are desperate for the job. Be willing to say your desired salary and have reasons for the amount you are asking. Employers are looking for someone to add value to their company.

If you don’t know your value, you are as well a wrong person. We live in a capitalist world. Everyone wants someone who will bring something of value to the table. And you better show that by asking intelligence questions.


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